How to get to Toledo’s Park

The QR code opens a route on Google Maps to get to Toledo’s Park.

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Google Maps Route to Toledo’s Park

  • We recommend that people staying around Toledo’s Park rent cars for their convenience (for example, at Hostal «El Amigo» 3.5 km from the Park or in hostels in Ocaña, 8.5 km from the Park).
  • Staying in Aranjuez (see here) will facilitate transportation as…
  • Transfer will be guaranteed from:
    • Aranjuez train station -> Toledo’s Park at the beginning of the day. Take the train departing from Atocha (C-3) at 9:23 or 9:53.
    • Toledo’s Park -> Aranjuez train station at night, after dinner, so that everyone can return to their accommodation. There will also be a transfer to Aranjuez station before dinner.
  • If you are staying around Madrid, it may be more interesting to do so near the train stations of the C3 line of Cercanías Renfe, which goes from Madrid to Aranjuez and vice versa, as transfer to Toledo’s Park is guaranteed from Aranjuez.
  • The following map shows the route of this train line through the different towns in the south of Madrid:

Taxis from Aranjuez -> Toledo’s Park

Another option to go to or return to Aranjuez from Toledo’s Park is to call a taxi. Here are two options.

  • José Antonio (taxis Ferrer): Tel. +34630872181
  • Antonio Gallardo (taxi driver) • Tel. +34609223842

José Antonio knows the Park well, as he has taken us from Aranjuez to the Park on multiple occasions for those who need it. You have to notify in advance.

The cost of the taxi ride to the Park is around €25 per trip.

More information about the train (Cercanías Renfe)

Atocha Madrid station -> Aranjuez station

C-3 line of Cercanías Renfe connects Madrid with Aranjuez.

  • The price of a single ticket is €4.05
  • Atocha-Madrid station -> Aranjuez: 45 minutes.

Other public transports in Madrid

Buses from Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport Web Aeropuerto Madrid-Barajas

“Exprés Aeropuerto” Line (Airport T4 – T2 – T1 – Cibeles/night – Atocha)

  • Direct connection between Atocha (Cibeles at night) and Barajas airport, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Buses every 15-20 minutes (daytime service) from 06:00 to 23:30 and every 35 minutes (night service) from 23:30 to 06:00.
  • Travel times: Atocha-T1: 30′ | Atocha-T2: 35′ | Atocha-T4: 40′.
  • Fare 5 €. Payment in cash on board the bus.
  • They have luggage racks and luggage area.

Line 200 (Airport T3 – T2 – T1 – Avda. de América)

  • Fast connection between Madrid-Barajas Airport and the Avenida de América interchange.
  • Buses every 10-20 minutes from 05:00 – 23:30 h.
  • Fare €1.50 for a single ticket or €9.10 for the 10-trip MetroBus ticket (which can be shared among several people).

Line 101 (Airport T2 – T1 – Canillejas)

  • Local connection between Madrid-Barajas Airport and the Canillejas interchange.
  • Buses every 16-25 minutes from 07:00 – 23:25 h.
  • Fare €1.50 for a single ticket or €9.10 for the 10-trip MetroBus ticket (which can be shared among several people).

Metro Network

Metro from T4, T3, T2, and T1 of Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport

The terminals of Madrid Barajas airport are connected to Madrid thanks to Line 8 of the METRO network that reaches Nuevos Ministerios, from where you can connect to the Metro network and the Cercanías Renfe network.

  • A supplement must always be paid when entering/leaving the airport by Metro: its amount is €3 (Airport Supplement Ticket).
  • Then you have to pay €2 for a single ticket or €6.10 for the 10-trip MetroBus ticket (which can be shared among several people).
  • Airport T4 -> Nuevos Ministerios: 25 minutes.
  • Nuevos Ministerios (L10) -> Tribunal (L10): 10 minutes.
  • Tribunal (L1) -> Vodafone Sol (L1): 5 minutes.
  • Vodafone Sol (L1) -> Atocha RENFE (L1): 8 minutes.

South Bus Station

The south bus station of Méndez Álvaro and the interchanges of Chamartín, Plaza de Castilla, Moncloa, Principe Pío, Plaza Elíptica, and Avenida de América are connected to the Metro network and some of them also to the Cercanías Renfe network, so you can make the necessary connections to get to the Renfe station of Aranjuez.


From Atocha Renfe, the single ticket to Aranjuez costs €4.05.
From the Airport, the single ticket to Aranjuez, passing through Atocha, costs €4.05

From this map of all train lines, we are interested in line C3 (towards the South) with Aranjuez as its final destination.

Contact with the Transport Function:

How to get by car

Toledo’s Park is located in the province of Toledo, 55 km from Madrid.
From Madrid, take the M30 or M40 to take the National Highway A-4 towards Córdoba.
Do not go towards Toledo, always A-4 Córdoba.

After passing the exit to Aranjuez, continue on the highway and going up a small hill, you will begin to see, in the distance, to the right, the grounds of the Park.

When reaching Km. 54, exit via the Service Road, Ontígola, Ocaña.

One kilometer further along the same service road, you will find the Hostal-Restaurante Las 3 Jotas.

The different paths to the Park are marked as recommended depending on the weather (rainy or dry).

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